Domdechant Werner'sches Weingut

Hochheim am Main


»Riesling pure« is the philosophy of the estate, particularly since Hochheim is credited for the worldwide first documentation of Riesling in history some 550 years ago.
The Riesling wines are made rich in extract and due to the high mineral content of the soil both styles are successfully produced: classic-fruity style with overwhelming richness of elegant fruit and spicyness dry style with good substance and a moderate, harmonious acidity. The Pinot Noir is all made in a dry style.

All wines are aged individually in traditional wooden casks. Among the specialties of the estate are full Riesling Spätlese, rich Auslese as well asworld-class BA, TBA and Eiswein with excellent aging potential. The structure of our wine qualities is shown in this document.

You can read more about our wines in our vintage reports and in the wine reviews.

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Domdechant Werner'sches Weingut
Owner: Dr. Franz Werner Michel
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